Monday, May 26, 2008


It was so beautiful there and going out in the canoe was so relaxing. Sigh.

Mesa Verde was pretty cool

We just got back from our camping trip in Colorado. We had so much fun! It was snowing when we got there and snowed off and on for the first 2 days which was less than fun (and a surprise!) but it was so hilarious that it was kind of fun. At first we were scared it was going to be miserable but the kids were surprisingly ok and the rest of us just sat around the fire and laughed that it was snowing. We are sad that the other family members couldn't come but we had so much fun with Drew and Amber! You guys are such good sports. Drew took us all fly fishing on the lake and caught a whole bunch of fish pretty much every time we went out. It was so exciting! We ate good food and more toasted marshmallows than one should eat in a year, hiked and fished and canoed and just had a great time. The only sad part is that we missed my aunt's wedding. Sorry I missed your day, my favorite Aunt Les! Hopefully we'll see you soon. Anyway this was the most fun we've ever had camping and I'm so glad we decided to brave the weather. We certainly made memories.


Anonymous said...

WE had so much fun guys!!!! We will always remember the crazy fun time we had with you. It was amazing, even though it snowed...hehe....We miss you already! Can't wait for the next camping trip though...even though it may be awhile!!! Love you!

Megan said...

These pictures are so great!

Caity said...

How fun! I have to admit, I'm sorta jealous. It's awesome that your attitudes were all about having fun in that kind of weather!