Friday, May 16, 2008

tumbling class

On Fridays Benson goes to tumbling class taught by a friend from church. I realize that most of these photos are of Banks but we felt bad interrupting his class to be paparazzi parents. Anyway Benson and Banks (and I!) have so much fun because it's really relaxed and just a fun time to run around with other kids. I appreciate that Benson is having some exposure to a structured hour while I get to socialize with other women from church. It is $10 a month well spent.


mandakay said...

wow thats awsome. i wish we had something like that here. and only 10 bucks.... i pay 35 for haley to dance every month!!

Megan said...

It's only $10? Good gosh! That is incredible! How fun! Benson will look back on this and thank you when he is a gold medalist someday. :) Ohhh, and that Banks. Holy heart-melter!!!