Friday, May 9, 2008

last 5 years in review

Married February 2003
Benson born March 2005

Banks was so skinny! My family says he looked like an alien.

He was so cute to me. Holding him was like holding a doll.

Living in Albuquerque has it's perks; we have sunshine 330 days out of the year.
Now that some old friends are finding their way to my blog I should probably fill them in on what's been going on since I last saw them. I got married in 2003 to Ben who is seriously the most amazing husband ever. Seriously. Anyway we had little Benson in 2005 (so he's 3 and a few months now) and then cute husband of mine decided that BYU was not for him. So after a pretty long run around of trying to find himself he ended up joining the Air Force and that's why we moved to New Mexico (after having lived in Texas for a year). Banks was born here in 2007. Cute husband has now decided that school is for him (and lot's of it apparently) so he transfered from active duty air force to the National Guard in order to go to school full time. He is looking at graduating in December 2009 but what exactly he's majoring in is still up in the air (by no fault of his own at this point... UNM isn't exactly the biggest school and they might be canceling his major next semester). Anyway he'll be applying to medical school in the summer of 2009 to start fall 2010. I have pretty much just been along for the ride since Benson was born since I don't work and my life doesn't change a whole lot, just the location. I guess that's pretty much all you've missed (not a whole lot!) but if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment (and that also goes for anyone who might be a little nervous about leaving a comment here. Chances are if we've ever met and you are reading my blog then I am reading yours too. :) ).


Megan said...

Isn't it amazing how much life can change in five short years? I can't wait to see what you guys accomplish in the next five!

Anonymous said... forgot the most important part of your last 3 months!!!! I became your sister! Come on! Wheres the love?!!?! ha! j/k! You guys are amazing. If only Steve and I can aspire to be like you guys. For real...we need some accomplishment in our life. But with examples like you guys...we have faith that it will come. I just love seeing pictures of the kidos! Just wish we could be around them more. Maybe someday we will all unite in one state and we will have a big Tracy party everyday! Love you!

Anonymous said...

It is fun to look back and see what has only five oh man...we love you guys!

mandakay said...

u guys have come so far. we love you guys. You and ben are by far the best friends me and jay have ever had and we only new you for less than a year! the pics are really cute too

west's said...

I'm so glad you posted this!! And we can see what you've been up to these last few years. Crazy how fast time goes. Your family is darling. And I know exactly what it's like putting a husband through school. We're still working on that one. It just gets harder with kids though.

Audra said...

HI, I like to blog stalk. But I am really nice. Does that make a difference? I am a friend of Stephanies. I don't think Banks looks like an alien, but he does look really tiny!