Wednesday, May 14, 2008

they're going to pull through

I realize this is fuzzy but my camera isn't the greatest. These are some of her leg wounds.

Benson is so happy to see his chickens clucking and happy this morning.

The chickens are still alive this morning which means they probably won't die from shock (or so my dad, the chicken expert, tells me). We are quite relieved. Now we have to enemy-proof the chicken run better and all will be well at the tracy farm. In other news, Banks can now stand up by himself (without the aid of furniture) and Ben took his last final today and therefore got straight A's this term. He is so smart and I'm bursting with pride. Good job chickens, Banksy, and Ben!


Anonymous said...

hooray for the conquering heroes!

Suzanne said...

Great! Way to go Ben!

Caity said...

Phew! I am relieved! I love that you have chickens. Joel is trying to convince my mom to get some. Ha! That will be the day :)

Good job Banks and Ben! That is so awesome!

Lorina said...

Hey.. I wanted to say hi, I am not sure you remember me from high school but anyway..

Your family is darling!
So you live in New Mexico? Thats neat, I have been to NM countless times...even lived there for a while, my mom is from there. haha, but I used to live much further south than Albuquerque. My uncle lives there though. Anyway way too much history in this comment. Sorry about that!

west's said...

So what attacked the chickens?? That would be pretty tragic to come home & see. It's pretty rad that you have chickens in the first place:)

Anonymous said...

Man that is crazy that this happened....I am glad they are ok though...that would really be sad if they were seriously hurt...poor chicks