Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2 days smorgasbord

If I were to combine my yesterday and today I would have close to the perfect day:

Making Christmas cookies and paper snowmen with Benson yesterday

Yesterday's best ever(!) baked potato soup and homemade pitas with tuna salad

Today's joy school party with the children SO CUTE as they were singing

One more step in the yearly add-something-to-the-stockings project (last year was making the stocking itself--- this year was the embellishment, hopefully next year will be the names) done while the children slumbered today

Gazing at the Christmas tree in wonderment after watching A Charlie Brown Christmas last night for FHE

sigh. perfect.

And I don't mean to be one of these bloggers who paints a ridiculously perfect life for others to feel badly about so you should know that as I type this Benson is pulling on my arm, crying for me to help him clean up his toys, and yesterday I was VERY glad when the little darlings went to bed. I've just gotta write down the good stuff so I can remember these little things that are so easy to forget when everyone is crying and everything is a mess.


Stephanie said...

melissa better watch her back- im gonna start calling YOU martha if youre all not careful.

so so awesome.

and thanks for the last part too... it made me feel better. should i feed and change my crying son now???

melissa said...

call her martha, steph. she deserves it ever more than i do! (no self-pity here, though)

carrie, i don't see why it's ever necessary to apologize for being grateful and happy. come on! you deserve it (martha).

Carrie said...

ha. You guys are funny. I do get a ton of ideas from Martha, though.

Pretty soon we'll be calling YOU martha, Steph! Then we'll be the three marthas it will be awesome.

Jobi Niu said...

AMAZING pictures first off.. GEEZ! That soup looks SO yummy! CUTE Stockings. Joy School... aww love! I hope my boys get to do that.

I hear ya on the kids hanging on my legs.. crying.. my house is NOT clean and I need to be cleaning instead of lookin at blogs.. ha ha

Caity said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful! And I agree, you should not apoligize for having a perfect day! I love those days!

mandakay said...

that soup is amazing. i remember you bringing me some in sheppard!! yum. and those cookies .... so cute. And i agree that you dont have to apologize for saying nice things about you and your family. Its more inspiring then anything!