Tuesday, December 16, 2008

all I want for christmas is a pine cone house

Benson: Mommy I think what I really want for Christmas is a pine cone house.

Me: Hmmm ok can we just make it out of this brown blanket?

Benson: No, mommy you need to make it on your sewing machine. And I want a little door, and a hall, and some stairs, and a bed in it. Ok, Mommy? Let's go look for some fabric upstairs.

Me: Ok, but if we don't have the right fabric we'll have to wait until we get to Nana's house to make one.

Benson: Ok, but that's what I want, Mommy, so I need you to make it on your sewing machine. Is that a deal?

Me: Deal.

Just a heads up there, Nana. Here's hoping he gets over the pine cone house obsession reeeeeal quick. I'm still recovering from the Optimus Prime costume.


laura d said...

Hahaha! you should convince him that pine cones really like to live in something a little easier...like a box, or a bucket, or even a pine tree!! :) I love how proactive he was in suggesting you go upstairs and find some fabric. that's awesome

Stephanie said...

hahahaha- awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

Does he want a house for a pine cone or a house made in a pine cone....not that one is much easier than the other! (Thanks for bringing me into the project)

Carrie said...

hahaha You are welcome mom. I'm pretty sure he wants a house for HIMSELF in the shape of a pine cone. A house for a pine cone would have been easy!

Anonymous said...

That sounds pretty intense! Good luck!