Thursday, December 18, 2008

here's your christmas card!

Ben's gonna like that title. haha it's his favorite seinfeld.

We are terrible people this year. All these wonderful people have sent us Christmas cards and now they sit patiently by the mailbox, just waiting for a lovely card from us, as is the tradition. Go back inside, friends. Warm your hands by the fire and know that it's not that we don't love you. We just didn't send out Christmas cards this year. But we still love you. And we really think we'll be sending them again next year, so if you can take a chance on us we'd love to get one again next year even though we don't deserve it.

Merry Christmas to you anyway!
The Tracys


Caity said...

If it makes you feel better, I'm not sending them either. I'm waiting for the baby which will make it way more fun when you do get it :)

Megan said...

Boooo. I HAVE been waiting by the mailbox... in a tent... in the cold... for DAAAAYS! Just kidding. I think we all have those years, my love. :) We just sent ours out yesterday. We're so late. I wouldn't have even bothered, but since I didn't send birth announcements for Ally, I felt like I really needed to at least get a Christmas card out there. Shameful. :)

Stephanie said...

im gonna wait by the mailbox anyway... even if it takes alllllll year long...... :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I didn't do them this year either....kinda sad, but I have just been too tired and lazy these days...SO no biggy and that makes me feel better...thanks for not sending them...hehe