Saturday, December 6, 2008

best friends

I have found the perfect friend. He is funny, sweet, snuggly, playful, cute cute cute, helpful, totally obedient, and always up for conversation. And you know what else? He's three.

As Benson gets older, although granted only slightly, I am beginning to catch a vision of having another best friend in my household. Ben is a great friend to me already, but he's in for some competition. As we were laying in bed last night, Benson came and hopped in for a bit, just for a little snuggle before going off to his own bed. And while Ben was too tired to talk, Benson and I had a great conversation, even as he was beginning to snore he was still trying to add to the conversation. And another thing that I love about my friend Benson is that he is so quick to forgive me it's like instantaneous. As quickly as he is upset he is saying, "Mommy, I need a hug so we can be friends again." And if he finds me crying he will always come sit on my lap, give me hugs, and wipe my tears. And the most important thing Benson does for me as a friend is that he truly has unconditional love for me, and he never quits showing me that.

This morning I woke bursting with love for the little men in my life. Banks is still a sweet little baby to me, but Benson is becoming less a baby and more my little best friend, and I hope that as he grows, he stays that. All those challenging days of meeting the many needs of a completely needy person are beginning to pay off tenfold. This motherhood thing is awesome.


melissa said...

and your photos are all blowing my mind these days.

i wish we could neighbor friends instead of distant-kind-thoughts-but-not-a-lot-of-interaction friends.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I have been saying this a lot lately, but I can't wait for these moments. Ughhh...I am so glad Hunter is almost here. I have been waiting for those Mommy moments for forever it seems, but I am so sure it will have been worth the wait. I am so glad you have such wonderful boys in your life. You are a lucky woman!!!!

Stephanie said...

that picture is AWESOME! and i loved this post because i already feel this way about ambrose since he has to give me a certain amount of cuddling everyday or he cant be happy and although he cant talk much i feel like we interact so so much and so this makes me SO excited for the future. this is what i really have to look forward to- this is great!

Carrie said...

Meli- Thanks about the photos.. Ben's photography class is why we have all of them. Fulfilling projects has been quite a challenge. And I SO agree about the neighbor friends bit.

Am- I'm excited for you to have this too! Although the baby years are fun I'm finding the 3 1/2 years even more fun bc they start saying the funniest stuff. You'll get there though.

Steph- Yeah, just you wait. And then you'll be glad you have another to still give you those precious baby moments. It's awesome with one but so much more awesome with two. For reals.

Caity said...

What a sweet little man! I love that. It really just gets better and better huh? You start off completely niave, then completely frustrated, then end up completely in-love!

mandakay said...

what a beautiful post! that age is really fun. They say the most honest things dont they?!? Benson is adorable and your picture is amazing.