Monday, January 12, 2009

aw crap

I just discovered that my favorite store, Anthropologie, sells kids clothes.

And so far I can only find them on the sale rack.


Good thing I'm not with child, or I'd really be coveting right now. As it is, I'm feeling a serious need to buy this and just hope like crazy I do have a girl eventually.


Rachel said...

Yeah, Anthropologie pretty much is amazing. I just got their latest catolog and I wouldn't mind having one of everything. haha.

Megan said...

Love it. Love it all. The only thing that keeps me from buying their children's clothing is the "hand wash only" part. What are they thinking?

mandakay said...

well so much for not spending money for three months. lol jk

Carrie said...

My thoughts exactly, Amanda. Good thing I decided not to do it!