Tuesday, January 6, 2009

train gang and bunk beds to boot

new bunk beds from our favorite store (notice they are mini to avoid broken collar bones)

too busy playing to pause for a photo

Banks actually took a nap in his new big boy bed today! I hope he'll keep doing it because it's pretty cute that he can just get up and come find us when he's done sleeping. He's getting so big.

And Benson likes trains. And I just felt like taking pictures.


melissa said...

wow, their room is awesome.

Stephanie said...

i dont know what to say first! here is a question to start: is your favorite store ikea? if so, i can relate! (and there is not an ikea anywhere near me and they dont ship to hawaii. boo.) and if your favorite store is not ikea- where did you get that lovely contraption?

this may help me in the nearish future! which brings me to my next item: i dont know when to get ambrose into a big boy bed... ifear that disaster. banks seems more mild than my little beast, or maybe he just has a good role model in benson.

and i agree with melissa - their room IS awesome indeed!

Carrie said...

It is ikea indeed. Cheap and not walmart! I'm in!

And I have absolutely no good advice about moving kids to big beds. Benson was so excited we did it before he was 2 and Banks has no real need to move up so he sleeps there when he wants and if he doesn't stay he gets his crib. Gooooooood luck! Just get all kinds of excited about how cool a big boy bed is first, so he knows it's something super fun and he'll be fine.

Rachel said...

Those bunk beds are so cute! And Ethan is already asking me when we can go to Benson's house to play trains!

Caity said...

It's so nice to have you back and blogging! Way to go Banks! That's awesome.

laura d said...

I like it white. so good job on the color choice (or lack of??) :)

Abby said...

Just want to say I think the room is awesome too. I want pictures of each side, panoramic, so I can see it all! I like the short bunk beds.
IKEA all the way!