Monday, January 5, 2009

story time

A couple of days ago, Benson found a little piece of paper (which used to hold earrings, incidentally) and folded it in half and called it a book. Today he asked us to write some letters in it (which we did) and since then he has been "reading" chronicles of the giant yo-yo from said book. This evening's rendition went something like this:

"Once upon a time there was a giant yo-yo. One day he went to the town and he CRUSHED everything. Then he drank the water and the swans, ate the houses and the people, and then he was done but there was nothing left. Then a guy with a wand and some crazy circles on his clothes came a fixed all the houses. But then the giant yo-yo ate them again. But THEN his teeth started to fall out and then he fell over and he died. And then all the houses, and the people, and the swans, and the water, and the tables (giggle giggle giggle) and the whole town came back to life and everyone was happy. the end."

And then I read him a story out of one of the very neat old children's books Ben's mom gave us and it went something like this:

"There was once a rich ugly guy with a blue beard. He got married to this girl, even though she wasn't really sure because all of his other seven wives had disappeared. One day he said he was going to go on a trip and he gave her the key to a tiny, mysterious room and said if she went in it she would be punished. So she went in it and you know what was in there? ALL THE OTHER WIVES STRUNG UP AROUND THE ROOM AND A POOL OF BLOOD ON THE FLOOR. And then the husband found out and told her he was going to kill her in 15 minutes and he was about to do just that when her brothers burst through the door and killed him. The end."

Ooooooookay. Children's story? Mmmmmmmm-k. Yeah. Good thing I am a speed reader and therefore had already read that part to myself before I actually got there, but seriously, it was hard to make a story out of that once I had gotten that far.

And the moral of the story is:

Let Benson tell the stories from now on. Though they may be a little violent, they're not even close to the real violence found in children's stories. Yikes.


melissa said...

WOWEE. i'm gonna have nightmares.

benson's story though, rocks.

Stephanie said...

yikes! good fast thinkin on that one mama. we got two really big story books for christmas this year of old stories and i now feel very compelled to go censor them.... :)

Melissa Lasley said...

Benson is such a creative kid, what fun!

Caity said...

Soo....what book was that? Because I don't remember ever reading that one?

Natalie said...

LOL I was reading a book from the library to Brielle last night, its called King and King. Turns out its about a prince that needs to get married, so he meets all the princesses in the land and ends up marrying one of the princesses BROTHERs! AGH. So good thing she is 2 and wasn't really paying attention before I figured out the story and put it away. Benson's stories are impressive- maybe we'll skip the library next time and have Benson tell the stories.