Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the afformentioned bean buns

World, meet bean bun. Bean bun, meet world. Now let's get cozy.

My brother Mike says that bean buns are the ultimate trailer park food, and really he's probably right. But they are Mmmmm I want one right now and it's only 8:45. My mom made them for us when we were younger, and she had a tendency to burn them, but I still love them so they really must be good. So, trashy or not, I give you one of my favorite comfort foods:

Bean Buns

Hot dog or hamburger buns (doesn't matter, just use whatever you have)
Canned pork and beans*
Cheddar cheese
bacon (totally optional-- but you'll want to cook first)

Preheat broiler. Put buns on a pan and under broiler for a few minutes while you gather ingredients. Slice cheese, open can, get ready for awesomeness. Get out your buns, put a little pork and beans on them, then top with some cheese and bacon if using. Broil until bubbly and toasted. Serve on your nicest china. Donezo!

*If you want to get fancy, you can use leftover baked beans (SO GOOD)


laura d said...

oh geeze. I think I'm the only child who came out of the morris household not liking bean buns. Blame it on my elevated tastes.... jk but mostly i don't like the texture.

Carrie said...

You gotta toast them first! That's how you avoid the mushy bread texture!

laura d said...

hmmmm...genius! Toast them first...

Abby said...

haha. It's funny to see this on your blog. Your recipes are always fancy schmansy!
We'll have to give it a try!
Should I admit that I think it looks yummy?
Great writing, by the way.

mandakay said...

i remember you bringing these to ben in tech school. AHHH the memories. i have left over baked beans, i think ill pull a carrie.

Caity said...

I have NEVER heard of these! I thought I would know about every trashy food there was! I'll have to check these out :)