Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sweet dreams

super bowl

super bowl-7

Before we ever had children, Ben talked about how excited he was to share his love of sports with his boys. It warms my heart to see him get his wished fulfilled.

And while I share this dream with Ben, the dream I think of most often for myself is playing dolls with my daughter. I really hope that someday I get to have my dreams too.

Discover Kate Rusby!

PS please enjoy some tunage. This is one of my newest favorites. It's kind of random, and sorta makes me want to cry, but I love it somehow. I really want to go to Ireland, but for now, I love listening to this and picturing old castles and green, rolling hills. And sheep. And men in kilts.

*Ha! It's totally a Scottish song. hahaha Do Scotland and Ireland look very different? hahaha I'm dumb, but it's still good. :)


Stephanie said...

Precious precious photos! I'm excited to head off and hear this music. I really really loved the short time we spent in Ireland- what a beautiful place :)

laura d said...

That was a lovely song! I think someday we'll all have to journey to bonnie Scotland...someday.

On a mostly completely different topic, I saw a kid the other day with the BIGGEST HEID I ever saw! It was like SPUTNIK, mostly circular but pointy in parts. I almost said something to Kolt but then I saw the kids dad and I about pulled a Kramer. Woh, those are some baaad genes. But I thought of that since we're on the topic of Scotland. I told you it was random.

melissa said...

oh, thanks, carrie. this song is lovely.

and scotland & ireland don't look that different AT ALL. don't be embarrassed about the mixup.

her accent sounds beautiful, whereas some of the scottish girls we saw had crrrrraaaazy talk. they were all pretty and normal looking, and then they'd open their mouths and--what happened--craziness came out. anyway.

also, yay for sports? (didn't want to leave the boys out.)

Caity said...

You'll have your dreams to come true too. Remember my sixth sense :) I'm such a nerd, but I really think you will.

Stephanie said...

i just got done making grandma jeans almond toffee!!! 1lb. of butter is NOT messing around in the least!! :) it sounds and smells delicious and it is refrigerating right as i type this. cant wait to try it!

Carrie said...

Oh good! I hope it turns out... You were right about all the mistakes in our own recipes. I don't know if the instructions made any sense!

Megan said...

Aw. Hang in there Carrie! You can always be another mom to my girls. They adore their Aunt Carrie! (Ryen is wearing her special skirt to her first dance tomorrow- a daddy/daughter Valentine dance. She'll wear it with love and enthusiasm!)

PS. Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love the scottish song and the oren lavie morning Elegance film from a previous post. How do you find this stuff? It's awesome!