Thursday, February 12, 2009

it's a marshmallow world in the winter

I made homemade marshmallows yesterday and I've been debating for a full 24 hours if I like them even equally to the store-bought variety. Which, I have to admit, is a little weird because if there was ever a thing I could make homemade I will almost always choose to make it at home because homemade just tastes so much better. Then I met homemade marshmallows. Well hello, there. They are beautiful, fluffy, square, and kind of weirdly textured. I wanted to fall in love with them and elope in Paris, but I just.. couldn't... do... it.

But that aaaaall changed this morning, when I put confections in question to their final test. They went for a little dunk in a steaming pool of hot cocoa and... and... Oh baby. They are SO much better than the store bought in there. It's amazing! They are creamy, and smooth, and melty-yummy-delicious.

In conclusion, if you ever come to a hot cocoa party at my house, you can expect homemade marshmallows. But any other time, expect the usual jet-puffed variety.

If you'd like to find out for yourself, the recipe I used can be found here.

(Photo from martha)


Stephanie said...

i wanna come to a cocoa party at your house and i have never even thought about the possibility of making your own marshmallows! you are the new martha stewart for 2009. move over martha (she's getting a little old anyone, someone had to replace her at some point!).

melissa said...

i've been thinking about making these since i saw them somewhere last christmas but it's been over a year and i haven't. so i'm glad you did. consider this a permanant affirmative rsvp to any cocoa party you ever have.

Caity said...

How interesting. I have never even heard of homemade marshmallows before! I think I HAVE to try them :)

Caity said...

Hey, would you put this post under recipes so I can find it easily later?

diana palmer said...

i'll pass on the marshmallows because i don't even like the store bought kind, but i am in love with that picture. they look like soap and there is something so captivating about it.