Wednesday, February 11, 2009

he takes after his father

Ben says the only subject he really struggled with in school was penmanship. And now, poor Benson has had the hardest time getting his little name on a piece of paper. He has practiced writing his name for hours now, and it's paying off. He's been so determined, and it's so cute to see him do his "homework" with daddy. Ak, before I know it, he'll be in kindergarten and then reading, and thenwriting stories, and then being published.


Megan said...

Aw. That is so sweet. But you know, I've heard that the most brilliant minds of all time have had terrible penmanship so... :)

Stephanie said...

ah yes, being published for sure!

i love that he worked on it for a long time- what a good sign of determination and attention span.

Caity said...

Hey, terrible penmanship doesn't hurt in the long run :) Especially if you're a boy. Now if you're a girl and have terrible penmanship...embarrassing. I know! I'm impressed that he does so well! It looks great to me!