Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Benson's birthday dinner request (after some prodding) was "neatballs"

Ben declared this to be "the most boring birthday cake ever" but at least it tasted yummy (it was classic white cake with caramel buttercream filling)

This was the same reaction for all the gifts he got. Pure excitement.

Baaaadly photoshopped photo of the awesome birthday banner I made.
Close up of it's awesomeness

Ben says this is where I wax poetic about how crazy it is to have a 4 year old (it is!), and how sweet he is (he is!), and how quickly he's growing up (it's true!). I'm too anxious to sew, however, and he can't read yet so I guess I'll save that for next year. My favorite part of the day though, was how he said, "I just love you so much, Mommy," at least a dozen times, and probably even more than that. He was so genuinely grateful for all I did for him, even though it wasn't much. And he LOVED each and every thing his sweet aunts, uncles, and grandmas and grandpas sent to him. What a thoughtful family we have.

Thank you, everyone for all the phone calls, cards, and gifts. I wish you could have just been here.


mrs. peterson said...

happy fourth anniversary of having a child to you, and birthday to the boy.

you're right; that banner rocks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys. We are officially the worst Aunt and Uncle in the world. I am not even going to give you an excuse we just stink. Happy Late B-day Benson. We love you and I am so sorry that we didn't call. Aunt Amber is out of it. But no excuses. You deserve better. I feel like a pooh head. I promise from this point on I am going to atleast call if nothing else. Please forgive me. Hugs and kisses

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

my friend recently made a cool birthday banner and i was so determined that i was gonna make one someday and now after seeing your cool banner i am even more determined!

MEGAN said...

How cuuuute! I love that boy!!!

And yes... the first thing I noticed in these pictures was the banner. Freak. Ing. AWESOME.

Caity said...

I LOVE the banner! Sooo cute! You should do a tutorial for us! Benson rocks! Happy late Birthday!

kbob said...

Sorry I didn't get a chance to do any thing for the little man for his birthday he was on my mind but things got crazy around here. We can't wait to see you all. Happy Birthday Benson!