Saturday, March 7, 2009


Ben just back from a 9 mile run.


I'm shocked, and amazed, and proud.

13.1, Ben is coming for you. And he's actually going to make it (even though i used to think you were safe).

Wow. Way to show me who's boss, Ben.


Carly said...

I am very impressed! Way to go Ben! It sounds like he might of even done better than Kyle. It will be nice for Ky to have a running partner! And we can go cheer them on through the finish line!

Megan said...
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Sara said...

After 9, 13 will be cake, for Ben. At least, that was my opinion. Then, when he gets to those 17-23 mile marks, if he does, he'll struggle a little. But still, the first 9/10 are the hardest to train your body up to, in order to become a "long distance" runner. So, woo-hooo! Great job Ben! AND, great job cheering and supporting him in his goals Carrie.

mrs. peterson said...

is he planning to run a half marathon? that would be very coolio.