Saturday, March 28, 2009


today i'm sad

today i'm tired

today i'm grumpy

today i yelled at benson for flinging the fridge open so 20 glass bottles flew out of the fridge door

today i don't want to get out of this bed even though those cute boys are downstairs watching bolt

tomorrow i will do better

tomorrow i'll be happy

tomorrow i'll show banks i love him being in our family for 2 years

tomorrow i'll be sweet to my children and not be impatient

tomorrow i'll bake chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and feed it to 2 19 year old boys away from their mothers

tomorrow i'll be the me i want to be

does everyone have days like this?


Caity said...

Amen. More than I care to admit, but not as often as I used to :)

Rachel said...

Oh my yes. It's so disappointing when you can't seem to act your best self, but nice to know you're not alone in it. I've been really trying to be better lately.

Happy Birthday to Banksy tomorrow! I can't believe he's already two!

Abby said...

oh yeah. I've had a rough...quarter. It's good to know you have days like this too, and that you blog about them.
Here's to tomorrow!

MEGAN said...

Uh... yeah. Really yeah. :)

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

OH YES WE ALL DO! i understand friend- it's hard but it passes (and returns and passes again).

diana palmer said...

this lady does. and i think about how good i'll be tomorrow all the time. i think you're a really great mom.

Anonymous said...

True that. Not fun, but tomorrow can always be better!