Sunday, March 1, 2009

There is nothing like the smell of loaf of freshly homemade bread, hot and steamy from the oven.

Except maybe changing your own break pads. It's easier than pie (I'm serious!) and will save you $80. And the satisfaction you get from beating the system is just... priceless.

Oh but the bread. It's pretty nice too.

I guess we'll have to call it a tie.


Todd said...

I could have used some self-help car braveness this weekend. I'm now $600 closer to having my truck registered in the state of Utah. Does my truck run better? Not really. But now the stupid horn works. I'm bitter.

laura d said...

don't forget you have a brother-in-law who has experience in vehicle repairs, especially trucks, since he used to break his all the time. But generally has a pretty good idea of what's wrong. Plus, he has a dad who REALLY knows what's up with car maintenance so he can ask him if he doesn't know. And you should go to the inspector guy by Big Ed's shop because he mostly could care less, all he does is plug into the computer. If it doesn't say anything is wrong he passes you.

Carrie said...

you should move to new mexico! If it passes emissions you are good to go! Thank goodness because ben's car would never pass inspections!

Sara said...

Hey! I just learned, about a month or two ago, how to change my own break pads too! It was soooo fun! Go Carrie!