Friday, May 15, 2009


It's 4:16. My babies just pulled out of the driveway, headed for Socorro, and left me to have fun for the night.

I miss them already.

Image credit here.


Sara said...

I know the feeling.
Isn't it strange how you get lonely when you get the alone time you always crave!
The kids grow too fast,
and bring too much joy to wish away all the time.

mrs. peterson said...

what's in socorro?

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

yeah is it like father and sons camp or something? well, do a cool craft and eat something tasty and the time will pass! :)

Carrie said...

Yes yes, father's and sons. But that picture up there is of socorro. Doesn't that just look like the loveliest place to camp? Not a tree or a drop of water for miles. haha Good thing it's only over night.

Caity said...

I'm always so excited for "alone time" but so lonesome when they actually leave me too!