Tuesday, May 19, 2009

vanilla ice pops

popsicles benson-3



Yesterday was H-O-T, as it has been for a while now so we decided to make popsicles. Ok, spell check isn't liking "popsicle" so I just looked it up and did you know that popsicle is a brand?! Like "Kleenex," or "Levi's" (as my grandma says), or "McNuggets" (as we said as children)? <--not sure where to put the punctuation there, as we have quotes and parenthesis-- How did I not know this treat should really be called an ice pop until age 25?! Does anyone call them that?!

I digress.

Anyway, I give you Vanilla Ice Pops (apparently I was kidding with that last post about not needing any more recipes, although this really hardly counts as a recipe).
Simple, simple, lightly sweet, and very refreshing. Our new fav.

Vanilla Ice Pops

2 cups milk (we used whole but do whatever you want)
2 Tbs sugar
2 tsp vanilla

Mix all together until sugar dissolves. Pour into molds and freeze. Mangez. Fin.


Stephanie said...

Yum!! I'm gonna make these today! Thanks friend.

melissa said...

yum, really? that's it? they sound awesome. it's not that hot here, but i still love me some popsicles! and what's strange is that i can picture the popsicle brand logo, but i never realized it was a brand of its own. i just figured they were too lazy to come up with a different name. it would be like opening up a clothing store called "shirts" or some such.

Sara said...

I was just contemplating, yesterday, how I would make a vanilla "ice pop"! Thanks for the recipe! Can't wait to try.

Emmy said...

I never knew that about Popsicles! I knew that about Kleenex and the others. Too funny.

Love the pictures!!

Rachel said...

those sounds yummy! now where did my popsicle . . .I mean, ice pop molds go?

Megan said...

I think I knew that was a brand, but still... who says ice pop? It's like Band-aid or Kleenex. "Please pass a facial tissue?" I don't think so.

And thanks for sharing what I think is the very first of your recipes that I can actually make! :) Yaaaay! Totally doing this.

Stephanie said...

i just returned to write down the recipe and now i am marching myself straight into that kitchen to make these. it sounded really good all of a sudden. :)

mandakay said...

im going to make these!! thanks for sharing your awesomeness