Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pumpkin fest 2009

So excited to get started!

They call it pumpkin loooooove

Notice the blood on Ben's face. Gruesome.

As it turns out we didn't have an ace bandage to stop the heinous bleeding from Banks' head, so we fashioned one out of fleece. But then everyone had to wear one and be Ninjas so he'd keep it on. Not pictured: Mom freaking out because Dad is encouraging the injured one to do kicks on le stool. I'm not going to survive this.


I heart pumpkin carving, but like it even better when Banks doesn't fall off the stool and crack his head open two seconds in.

Friday, October 23, 2009

back from the brink

I keep going on hiatus on this here blog, but this time it was with very good reason. I've been crazy crazy sick and sort of afraid I was going to die for a bit there, but I'm doing better today. Hooray! Unfortunately it appears to be my turn to play nurse to poor Ben.

in which i stood on the chair because i no longer have a lap top.

In other news, and inspired by my friend Melissa's photo (who wears skinny jeans, not mom pants), my new mom/pregnancy uniform came in the mail today. I never though I'd actually succumb to the temptations of "comfy pants" but alas, I have. Oooo they are nice though. Got them from Shade, if anyone else wants to join me in the "looking better than sweatpants around the house" brigade. I put on regular clothes to go out still, I promise!

Monday, October 19, 2009

still no photos...

But a lovely update for you all. Highlights of last night include:

1. Benson screaming he's going to throw up at the exact moment banks is screaming he has to poop and ben is gone so I'm running around trying to catch all the bodily fluids before I have to clean up two accidents. Awesome.

2. Benson wetting the bed (for the first time in at least a year) (he's sick), changing the sheets at 1:30, getting back in bed, only to have to rinse and repeat on Banks' bed literally 5 minutes later. Awesome.

3. Ben is home from Minnesota! (this one's for reals) He pretty much loved Rochester and Mayo and if he doesn't get in there we will all probably die from sadness. Even though all of our friends are convinced that if we move there we will all die from coldness.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

back in webland

Soooo, for my birthday Banks decided to pour water on my macbook. Yaaaaaay! That was yesterday and we tried to blow-dry the poor dear and revive it, but alas, it's dead Jim.


Blogging begins on a new computer, all fresh and new without any of that "other" stuff we had on our last computer. Like videos. And stories that Benson wrote. And other things like that, which we never really liked anyway, right? Thank goodness we had the sense to backup at least our photos on an external so we didn't lose every photo since the beginning of our marriage. Wouldn't that be so sad?! It used to take a fire or a horrible flood or some other catastrophe to erase all of one's family photos and keepsakes, but now all it takes is a tiny little cup of water. How sad!

Anyway I have to work on getting photos on here and downloading new software and other such boring things and then I'll be back, I swear. Don't have too much fun without me.


Friday, October 9, 2009

could someone alert my body

to the fact that I am 13 weeks today, aka NAUSEA SHOULD BE OVER.

Come on, body. Get with the times.

Pretty please.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

i've got skillz

halloween poster

If all I had to do for my calling (job at church) was make posters for youth dances I might be set. I don't think I've ever seen a hand-illustrated advert with spiders and such gracing the halls of my church. Don't you want to come to our dance now to see what the decorations and food will be like if the poster is this awesome?

I love to pat my back sometimes, don't I?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

cracker hat and number 3

cracker hat
Benson wanted to make a hat this morning. But not just any hat:

cracker hat-2
A hat filled with crackers and a door he could open.

cracker hat-3
And so we did.

cracker hat-4
And this is what most of the photos look like because Benson likes to pose like a weirdo (but it's cute to his mom).

And now for something completely different:


Awwwww baby! He/she was a squirming away in there today. So so so cute at 6cm long, and I'm further along than I thought! Wahoo (13 weeks on Friday)! See you on or after April 17th little sweetie pie.