Friday, April 30, 2010

getting lost and loving the babe


We've been trying to take pretty photos of the little baby, but it's proving exceedingly difficult as we have very filtered light in our house, and even that we only have for about 10 minutes in the evening. We'll keep trying!

Today has been such a nice day. We got lost. Like, 30 minutes of driving in who-knows-where-the-heck-we-are lost. But we were together, and listening to sweet lullabies, and snacking on grapes and it was kind of nice to just drive around randomly. And eventually we found the house we were looking for and bought our big kid (now registered for Kindergarten!) a real bike, which he is now out learning to ride in the snow(!?). Sniff.

The other news of the day is that not only does this sweet Roman love to snuggle, he is soothed to sleep by singing (a first for my babies). And so I've been singing this beautiful song today, but I haven't been able to get all the way through it without my voice cracking from overwhelming love yet. Babies are so much work, but somehow baby work just doesn't feel taxing like it probably should. He cries and poops and barfs all day (and night) but I love him all the more in his neediness. The words to the song really say it best:

Go back to sleep now
My darlin
And I'll keep all the bad dreams away
Breathe now, think sweet things
And I'll think of all the right words to say

Grow up now
My darlin
Please don't you grow up too fast
And be sure, darlin
To make all the good times last

Because we made you
My darlin
With the love in each of our hearts
We were a family, my darlin
Right from the start

And although it's hard to be without sleep, I look forward to many more nights of singing lullabies to my babe in the quiet of the night, with just the two of us. Because soon enough he'll be big and smart and won't find my voice to be the soothing comfort it is now. I've got to take advantage of my captivated audience while I can.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

brought to you by choosing to post rather than shower



It's probably time to pop my head out of my newborn baby bubble. My live-in nanny just walked out the door (oh, sister... move closer), and now I'm thrown into the daily grind, sink or swim. Giddy up.

I'm finding it very difficult to articulate exactly how I feel about bringing this new little boy into the world. He is so unlike my other boys, I am treasuring every minute of getting to know him. Even his birth was a little gift to me--- I was finally able to have the birth experience I've always wanted, going into labor like a normal person, walking (IV-free), squeezing Ben's hand through it all, and finally knowing the feeling of this person emerging simply because my body knew exactly what to do and did it, before the doctor could even get there to catch him.

My house is a wreck most of the time, there are boxes still packed and waiting patiently, dozens of emails to be read, and hundreds of posts in my google reader, but this is the third, and I know how quickly they grow. And so our days are filled with holding this baby who loves loves loves to be held, rubbing his fluffy hairy little head, popsicles for the rest of us, and walks to the park, hopefully squeezing a nap in there somewhere. We are lucky to have a sweet little person to make us all slow down and enjoy every minute of babyness and childhood and family time.

Oh and that newborn smell! We are drinking baby Roman in.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Roman James Tracy

Monday, April 12, 2010

Moved in. No baby yet. Unpacking boxes.


Friday, April 2, 2010

one a penny, two a penny

Hot cross buns.

Happy Good Friday to everyone, and a very Happy Easter!

We will be doing lots of this:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

checking the list



not done.

nooooot even close to done.