Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve


Our house lit up with luminarias

Here in New Mexico we have a tradition of setting out luminarias on Christmas Eve along the walkways in front of our houses. We've never participated before (nor anyone in our former neighborhoods) but this is the year of becoming real New Mexicans and so we did. I loved it.

Most of the houses in our neighborhood also set them out, and since it's not too cold here most of the time, we bundled up and strolled around the neighborhood to check out the display. We were alone on the streets (except for a few late putter-outers) and so we sang every Christmas hymn we could think of as we walked and it might very well be my very favorite Christmas Eve ever. Sometimes I say mean things about New Mexico (mostly that she isn't as pretty as some of my former homes) but there are some really great traditions here that I have grown to love. I hope to spend every Christmas Eve in New Mexico, walking the chill, quiet night hand in hand with my family, singing of our Savior's birth.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

a little holiday song and jig

I must confess I very rarely actually take time to watch videos that people put on their blogs (unless it's my nieces or nephews, or one of Melissa's shorts!). I'm so sorry, I feel like such a jerk confessing that, but I thought I'd say it just in case anyone else feels guilty after they don't watch this one. But it is only 30 seconds and I can almost guarantee you'll smile just a little.

Merry Christmas Winter Break!!! Time to bake things. And only 1 week until Christmas! I literally could not be more excited!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

baby fever






Is this not the greatest plan ever? That while we willingly create these messy, smelly, loud, needy little people to perpetuate our species, they are given to us in the cutest, most irresistible form imaginable? I'm sure no one else wants to look at dozens of pictures of my baby, but I could look at them all day so everyone else here gets to enjoy my whims. ha!

I absolutely love having baby Roman in our home. He creates the sweetest and most loving atmosphere between us all it's really a gift to have him. He started out life pretty grumpy, but he has turned into the sweetest, most social and smily baby I've ever seen. I hope he continues to grow very veeeeeeery s-l-o-w-l-y. I love seeing his personality come out, but I looooove his babyness.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


We are ready for fires this winter

and Ben is ready for Pediatric clinicals today (with his new bow tie, best thrift shop find evah!).