Friday, July 25, 2008

new look

For those of you very confused by the new color choices, look to the widget on the right. One more week until the new twilight series book comes out and I'm waaay more excited than I should be. If you didn't realize what a nerd I was before, I guess you will now.


Alison said...

I read New Dawn a couple of weeks ago, and my mom said she's sending me Twilight, it better get here soon, because I just picked up Eclipse from the library and I'm itching to read it. Totally out of order, I know, but I reserved them all at the library and that's the order they became available in!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm reading the first one now. It's about 'cold people', right? I'm no expert, but I find the book a tad, uh, boring. I don't know why she writes scenes that have absolutely no bearing on the story. I'm half-way through and hope for a better ending.

Carrie's dad.

PS - If I'm wrong about the book series, sorry. I'm old.

Anonymous said...

It looks pretty sweet! I don't know much about the theme, but it is very nice!

melissa said...

nerds have been cool since like 2002.

Carrie said...

Dad- you are totally right! Ahhh her writing style drove me insane for much of the book but then I got so wrapped up in the characters I decided to forgive her for all the stupid fluff in the middle. You have to be a judicious skimmer for this one. And thanks for commenting on my blog!

Natalie said...

I'm halfway through Twilight now. I really wanted to hate this book- if for any reason just be obnoxious- but I think Stephanie Meyer has found a fan in me. I have to check Ben's work schedule- but I just may be prepared to go to the midnight party with you!


Anonymous said...

oh yay!!!
i'm totally NOT buying it..
but can't wait for it either..
SO since you'll be finished with it in a day..
can i have it next?!
i swear.. i can have it finished in 2 days..
3 days TOPS!
ROFL! -Jacque

Carrie said...

Natalie- Sara is coming too! Yaaay that would be so fun! Let me know for sure whether you can come. :)

Jaque- I am totally buying it and as long as my hubby will watch the kids for me I'll be done by sunday. hahahaha if sara is done with all three books by then she's got it first but if not, it's yours! :)

Caity said...

I did not know you were a Twilight fan!