Saturday, July 26, 2008


Benson LOVES his silkies. Normally he just holds them when he is going to sleep but he's started something new with them this week. He has a sleeping bag (a sock) for each of his silkies according to their sizes and a cup for the sleeping bag, also according to size. While he's at home the silkies stay in their sleeping bags in their cups and stay by his side while he plays. And when it's time to go somewhere the silkies get put in the suitcases (the pink things in the photo--- you can blame his Nana for buying him pink suitcases but they didn't have another color when she bought them) and they come with us to wherever we are going. At night he now sleeps with a big pile of socks and a couple of metal containers. He is so funny!


Stephanie said...

oh no you didnt... LOVE the new background/count down! this helps me. :)