Tuesday, July 22, 2008

robot boy

There is nothing better than unexpected mail. Yesterday my mom sent the boys a package and they were so excited to find out what was inside. Banks is very happy to have a new animal book, and the timing couldn't have been better, as the one he's been lugging around fell apart at the seams the day before. And Benson loved his dinosaur flash cards and "homework book."

And then he saw the bubble wrap.

As soon as he saw that bubble wrap he found some tape and had me tape it around his arms and legs so he could be a robot. After that he talked like a robot and ate like a robot and only responded to me if I called him robot. Eventually I got him to take it off so he could go to bed but today the first thing he asked for was his "robot wrapping."

It is times like this that I realize I am living with an actual person on miniature scale. He has as many thoughts in his tiny head as I do and it is such a fun experience to see his great ideas come out more often as he gets older. As time goes on Benson is becoming less a baby, in need of constant care, and more a friend, someone with whom I can have a real conversation and I am really enjoying the change. Well, as long as I still have a Banksy baby to snuggle with me.


Sara said...

it's crazy how 'individual' they become. benson is awesome--he has the best ideas. i should make robots next time we get bubble wrap. banksy is such a sweetheart of a baby--i love that little boy. lucky carrie . . .:)

Megan said...

My kids love to use paper bags from the grocery store when they pretend to be robots. Man, I wish we could get our kids together to play!

melissa said...

i, too, have many a robot friend.

Stephanie said...

that will be so weird! i think of ambrose as my constant comapnion/best buddy- but never as all that you described benson to be and yet, i know someday he will be... at least people tell me... but i just cant picture it!

well, stayed tuned until july 2010 when i am repeating this exact post... until then we have our dreams :)

Anonymous said...

That is so fun. bubble rap could be the best invention ever...it has so many fun possibilities...i like it for the popping...hehe... Benson sure is getting big. It is kinda sad how fast kids grow sometimes, but fun as well....cuz now you do have a little pal to chat with!!! Love you!