Saturday, July 19, 2008

now and then

Benson attended his first real birthday party this morning This day last year

Banks being abused by his brother this day last year

So I have nothing to blog about! And obviously I haven't for days because you have all been staring at the same photo of Benson and the lizard. Life has been very low key around here, and although we don't have exciting stories to share we have been enjoying just hanging out with friends and family. I decided that maybe when I have nothing to blog about I'll put some older random photos up, because I always love a chance to reminisce. So here are some photos from today and yesteryear for all to enjoy.


Megan said...

I could look at pictures of your kids all day. (And sometimes I swear I DO!) Love them!!! Love YOU. :)

mandakay said...

breakin out the old photos is always great. Its amazing to see how much they have grown. benson looks like he is busting a move in dance dance revolution! CUTE

Stephanie said...

i enjoyed it!

love always,

well, me- but you said all to enjoy and i did so... :)

Anonymous said...

You can never go wrong with cute photos of your boys!!! I love to see the pictures!!!! Are you guys here yet? seriously I don't know if Drew and I can wait much longer for you to get here!!!