Saturday, February 14, 2009

it's not just for teeth

If you ever have a terrible mothering moment, the kind where you start a project with a sharpie, then abandon it to play with your new puppy (on loan), then ignore your little one who is playing ever so quietly, only to discover that he has happened upon said sharpie and waived his right to paper in favor of coloring all over your really lovely wood table, I can save you.

Use toothpaste. That's right, toothpaste.

Of course if you want the authentic experience, you can first have a terrible, sinking feeling, scrub for 20 minutes to no avail, then resign yourself to a graffiti covered table, before asking the internet, "what removes permanent marker from wood?" and find the answer immediately, which of course takes off the marker in less than 2 minutes. Because that's fun too.

Let's be on to run-on sentences today, shall we?


Stephanie said...

ohh my gosh! haha- actually we have pen all over our beautiful wood table but it's not from ambrose- it's from me incidentally... long story. and then, random related fact number two: thomas got up with ambrose and made breakfast this morning and so he was distracted cooking while i heard something scraping all over my bedroom door.... i got up and ran over to the door, opened it, and saw a smiling ambrose with a pencil in his hand.

i told thomas, well, we survived our first "toddler drawing on the wall experience and at least it was with pencil!" :)

i am really glad to know about the toothpaste though since no amount of scrubbing has removed the pen from my table.

laura d said...

apparently it's good for marker and crayons off the walls. They do it on HGTV sometimes. it's good stuff.

diana palmer said...

run on sentences really draw me in i'll adit it. i'm almost tempted to let myra try this just so i can see if the toothpaste really works.

also my faith in toothpaste for teeth is renewed. sometimes i just don't buy into it, and that's why i skip brushing my teeth. but if it takes off marker, well, it might work with plaque too.

Abby said...

I know that sinking feeling. Hallelujah for toothpaste!

Caity said...

That's funny Carrie. Okay, for me to read that, it's funny. Probably not so funny when you were going through it!

Anonymous said...

this is great information. if i ever have a child or (more realistically) accidentally write on the table myself I will know how to remove it.

Also, I just wanted to thank you for the comment that you posted on my blog. It was more encouraging to me than you will ever know. Thank you and I admire you very much.