Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pumpkin fest 2009

So excited to get started!

They call it pumpkin loooooove

Notice the blood on Ben's face. Gruesome.

As it turns out we didn't have an ace bandage to stop the heinous bleeding from Banks' head, so we fashioned one out of fleece. But then everyone had to wear one and be Ninjas so he'd keep it on. Not pictured: Mom freaking out because Dad is encouraging the injured one to do kicks on le stool. I'm not going to survive this.


I heart pumpkin carving, but like it even better when Banks doesn't fall off the stool and crack his head open two seconds in.


Emmy said...

So sorry he fell! Your pumpkins still turned out soo cute, despite all the trauma.

melissa said...

gosh those are very very good. i've never seen anyone do the girl from nightmare before christmas before!

Anonymous said...

Those are super cute pumpkins!!! Sorry about Banksy's noggin..he is ok right? head bumps not fun.

boo face mcjones said...

AWESOME pumpkins. terribly sad photos of the little one. hope he is recovering well!

Rachel said...

How's Banks doing? I'm so sorry that happened but seeing everyone join in the help him wear his bandage makes me smile. And I love your pumpkins!

Caity said...

Those are some pretty cool pumpkins you have there! Scary is right!