Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mmmmm Graaaahm Craaaackers

Benson was a boy who loved crackers.
He loved to eat them in stackers.
He ate them at night,
No clothing in sight,
With milk down his belly, not backer!

Ok that was a lame poem but it's been a long day. The boy ate almost a whole package of grahm crackers if that tells you anything. He sure was happy, though!


Pam said...

My mother always told us that when she was a grandma she was going to teach her grandchildren how to smash graham crackers in the couch. I guess that must reflect what my childhood was like. Do not despair, I will NEVER teach them to do that. Why do we love those crackers so much, because we all do??? What a cutie and I liked the poem.

Melissa said...

na-ho, that was not a lame poem. it was ga-reat. more poetry please.

i mean:
carrie poems

(that's my haiku for you today)

Megan said...

I ADORE that first picture!!! Benson looks like he should be named Vinny. "Yo Ma... how's about some milk to smooth tings ovah?" Oh, I love love love him!