Monday, July 23, 2007


Last night Benson said our family prayer. I hope it is ok to write out a prayer because it was just too cute to not share. He said, "Heavenly Father, Help... eat ice cream tomorrow. Amen." Isn't that hilarious? You can't script this stuff! Oh that little boy is just too cute. Anyway, in unrelated news the picture is of our new leather couch. Wowie wow wow. Ben's boss is going to Korea for a year and his family is going to live with her parents so they gave us their 32" flat screen tv and their couch. We have good friends, man. We knew if we held out long enough we would get a replacement couch for the Kaleb and Suz sleeper. :)


Caity said...

Holy cow! You can't say the airforce didn't do anything for you huh? :) My question is...when are we going to get friends like that? We don't have to go into the service do we?

kbob said...

I love your couch! It's probably a good thing the other has been retired. Although what you did with the other was impressive. Your pretty talented. We sure have been grateful for the things people have given us. Makes me want to follow their lead in the future, when I have something worth giving.