Thursday, July 26, 2007

read quickly, this may get erased

So I am debating whether I should even write this entry. I am trying to keep negative aspects of my life out of the public eye as much as possible. However I think it will be therapudic for me to be a little bit honest so here goes. Today was one of the harder days I think I've ever had as a mom. This Benson kid. Man. He can be so cute but seriously he drove me truly nuts today. The list is too long to write here but some highlights from today include breaking a glass an inch away from his baby brother, peeing on the floor twice, causing so many dirty looks in Pottery Barn that we had to leave and his crowning achievement for today was diahrea poop all over the new couch (no undies to catch it at all). To Laura and Melissa, don't be in a hurry to have kids. For pete's sake wait until you can afford to hire a nanny (and a housekeeper) at least twice a week so you don't go insane. That's really the best advice I have for those of you without kids. I am not in a position to dole out advice to those with kids because you all seem to be getting along much better than I am so any spell against insanity you know would be greatly appreciated. Ben says it would be weird if I didn't feel badly after a day like this but there has to be something I can do to keep me from feeling so upset with Benson. So I leave the floor to you. Suggestions, please. Even you wonderful dolls who don't currently have any blessed creatures of your own yet are welcome to comment. Some blind optimism might be nice. There. I feel a little better already.


Suzanne said...

Man Carrie,

Don't you have to deal with that stuff everyday. If not, you are doing great! I think there isn't a day that goes by that I am not reprimanding one or another of my babes. Be patient, you will get through this. Today he'll do something to redeem the wrongs of yesterday. You are doing great and realize he is trying to figure out how the world works, even if it involves diarrhea all over your couch (How do you clean that off a leather couch?). Hopefully after yesterday he'll know a better place for that to happen. You are amazing and I am glad you have been able to vent. Sometimes that's all it takes to get over the horribe, terrible, no good, very bad days.

Love ya, Suz

Caity said...

This morning Emma woke up and toke off her diaper to pee all over the floor. Then she proceeded to hit Tanner till he woke up and started to cry, her yell in his face.

I hear you! We had kids really really young and sometimes I think to myself "Was I crazy?" I was talking to Steve about this yesterday and I realized that this is the most important thing I could be doing with my life right now, even if it feels like it's "poopy" sometimes. What I try to do when it gets a little crazy is to just remember that in the end all those crazy things they do really don't matter. They'll just be funny stories. You're an awesome mom! You always have an understanding sister! Or sisters :)

P.S. Emma just shattered the glass of my fav. candle all over the floor :)

Stephanie said...

Carrie (remember me from the book blog) i feel kind of stalkerish writing on your regular blog- but I just wanted to say: i only have a four month old- but i feel like today was one of these days for me (poop EVERYWHERE- and not just once). I wasn't feeling good, he wasn't either apparently, the house was a hot mess, dishes and laundry all undone and I just felt like a bad mom. It's nice to know that everyone has their days and that I have many more to look forward too- but it's not just me- it's all of us. Thank you! (this wasn't advice- but hopefully you dont feel alone)