Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ode To My Benson

Things I love about Benson, a list:
I love his smirks
I love that he says, "Hey there, Mommy."
I love that he puts his hand on my mouth and says, "SHHHHH!" when he percieves I am getting an attitude with daddy.
I love that he says "Daddy" with an English accent.
I love that he will always stop what he is doing to get a diaper for Banks.
I love his kisses.
I love his hugs.
I love that he says, "No, please."
I love that he asks, "What's that?!" in an excited tone 4000 times a day.
I love that he thinks peas are the most amazing food on earth.
I love love LOVE his giggles.
I love that he runs to me when he gets scared.
I love that he says, "Yah" to just about everything.
I just loooooooove my Benson.


melissa said...

uh, so, you kind of like the kid? i mean, he sounds okay...for an awesome, awesome child.

Megan said...

Oh, I loooove him!