Saturday, July 21, 2007

Summer Bash

Here is a close up of one of our favorite shots of Benson. These pictures are from "Summer Bash 2007" which took place on Friday here on base. It really wasn't anything special but it was pretty cool for Benson to be able to get in the various helicopters and trucks they had at the field. The only sad thing is that we wanted to take a picture of him in the first helicopter so I made him stand in it alone and he got so scared he wet his pants. Ohhh sad! But after a change of clothes he was really excited to get in the rest of the vehicles and even pose for photos. PS I know that the music doesn't go with the slide show but I really liked the song and I figured I might as well enjoy it if I'm going to have to listen to it every time I log onto my blog. I loved Meg's slide show but eventually I had to just run my computer on mute because I couldn't handle hearing the song when I went to her blog! :) I apologize to anyone who has to do the same with mine. :)


Melissa said...

actually, this is the first time i've brought my headphones, so i've not had to worry about song-repitition. it's a nice song, anyway.

(if you ever venture down here to read this.)

Carrie said...

HA! it took me a while but I DID venture down and now I'm so glad I did. I'm glad you like the song. So do I. Although I must say I'm back to mute mode because I can only take so much of the intro to a song.