Tuesday, November 25, 2008

cinnamon goodness

mmmmm k if I could photoshop myself right outta this photo I would but I guess now no one can accuse me of only putting photos of me all done up and pretty on my blog. This is the only photo we have from the night's festivities so it has to work.

Last night we decided to make cinnamon ornaments for FHE. They were really fun to make, and quite simple, and you can't beat the smell. Benson really loved helping cut them out with cookie cutters, and he would have liked to do the whole thing himself if I would have allowed him.

You can get the 411 here from my best gal Martha.


Stephanie said...

uhhh... whatever- i mean i have never seen the real life version of carrie- but i think you look pretty great!

great idea. love martha.

Abby said...

How FuN! Thanks for the great idea! I was thinking we should do a "homemade" tree this year. (because we don't have any real ornaments :) This is perfect.

Anonymous said...

Oh those things smell fabulous!!! I will have to put that recipe in my family fun book under the holiday section. Thanks for the future fun suggestion!!!!

Caity said...

I can't wait to make those! And I think you look beautiful!

mandakay said...

we are doing these tonight. thanks for the idea. and you look great with or without makeup.