Friday, November 21, 2008


*If you get queasy over lovey-dovey-ness you'll probably want to quit

Today I am most grateful for a lover who leaves me love notes in the morning, as he ventures into the cold cold world to earn money and better our lives.

I am grateful for a patriarch who leads by example, leaving the page open to the scriptures he read that morning so I will remember to read them too.

I am grateful for a partner who plays with our children tirelessly and as a result they have a love for him that's almost as intense as mine.

I am grateful for a He-man who can carry all the groceries in at the same time, and looks super hot in that brown shirt he was wearing yesterday.

I am grateful that some miracle happened upon me in my immaturity at 19, and I was given the most incredible person to spend all my days with. I thought I loved him then, but as it turns out, I didn't know what love meant at the time. I understand now that this feeling that literally makes my heart feel full and takes my breath away is more than a feeling or a declaration. It is just a way of be-ing. It is intense, but simple. It consumes me, but fills me up. It almost hurts with it's force, but comforts me with it's gentle glow.

I love you just doesn't seem like enough. But I do, Ben.


Anonymous said...

That is amazing Carrie! It makes me so happy and appreciative of my Drew. I am glad you are so in love and happy!!!!

Stephanie said...


melissa said...

not queasy at all. i wish i could be as articulate about my feelings.

Abby said...

Very sweet tribute.
I've also realized I knew nothing of love when I got married. I got so lucky.
If love grows this exponentially- just think how in love we will be in 20 years!

Jobi Niu said...

K... how sweet was that post! I loved it. I almost got choked up. :)