Sunday, November 2, 2008

party on the petroglyphs

We visited the Petroglyphs while my parents were here. Banks pretty much climbed up the rocky hillside the whole time, steps away from certain death, much to his mother's dismay. He is getting so adventurous for that little body! Ak he scares me constantly. Apparently he takes after his father so normally I make Ben watch him for his eternal punishment for giving his mom a heart attack so often, but he wasn't there so I tasked Grandpa and he was much more relaxed than I could have been. I guess it's good for him to foster that daring side instead of squashing it. Someday he'll be totally fearless like his daddy and we'll all be proud. But right now I'm freaking out.

Check out the mop on the boys' heads. Do they need haircuts or what! Someone call their dang hairstylist.

Nana and Grandpa, we all cried on the way to church today because we miss you so much. Come back soon, please.


Megan said...

Oooh. I LOVE these pictures!

melissa said...

oh that looks funnn. when their hairstylist shows up can you send her my way, please? i look like a dope. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Climbing..what better adventure? Looks like a fun place to climb to me... Gosh Carrie would you cut their hair already?...hehe j/k they look great...could you cut mine though? I am still waiting for my ya