Wednesday, November 12, 2008

hey ladies

I have a Martha offer to put on the table. I have an offer from the mag to buy one subscription and get one for a friend for free. One subscription with shipping and tax and all that jazz is $30 so i was thinking, if someone wanted to split it with me, we could each get a year of Martha for $15 and that would be awesome. So if anyone is interested, leave a comment. If no one is, that's fine too!


Stephanie said...

sign me up and i will mail you the money asap! :) hmmmm, let's see- email me your address and i will email back mine so you know where to tell martha to personally send it herself each month:


i have always wanted a subscription but i thought i wasnt crafty enough of something, but now i guess i am... haha... or want to be at least! :)

Carrie said...

You got it!

mandakay said...

darn someone else got it first! what a good deal