Friday, November 7, 2008

to ben

Oh hunky husband. Today we celebrate that you have enriched the world for 28 years. What an incredible husband/father/hunk/future doctor/home teacher/bmet/student/you-know-what/ man you are. I love you from the very tips of my toes, and I find myself somehow loving you more each year. Someday I'll surprise you with a porsche for your birthday, but for now you have to settle for an enthusiastic HAPPY BIRTHDAY, this lovely dedication, and an amazing cake.

your adoring wifey


Caity said...

Ben is one of my favorite people ever and our little family just adores him! Even Emma :) Happy Birthday big brother!!! I hope it's awesome, but with your amazing wife throwing the party, I'm sure it will be.

Anonymous said...

We love you Ben...Happy Birthday Old man...hehe..You are such a stud.

J. Peter said...

Happy Birthday, Ben