Thursday, November 13, 2008

go quick!

My lovely mom-in-law sent me this info this morning so I though I'd pass it on because it's awesome! If you want to get a free 20 page photo book you can go here. I just got mine done and I think it's going to be so fun! It ended up costing me 7 bucks for shipping but for a whole photo book with captions, I think that's pretty awesome. Anyway this ends soon so go quick if you want to do one!


crazygirl said...

i just spent 2 hours picking and editing photos.
followed the link i got on wednesday after the show.
uploaded all my pics.
finished my book.
but at cart it wants to charge me still.
dont' know what i'm doing wrong!
is there a coupon code i'm missing or something? do tell! :) -J

Carrie said...

Oh just keep going! It's not until the last page that it credits your account! have faith. :) It's like seriously 4 pages in--- after your credit card information but before the final confirmation.

I hope it works!