Wednesday, November 5, 2008

on realizing my child is only three

Sometimes it's hard to remember that this smart, lovely child of mine is indeed a child. Banks is still a baby. A full-on baby. I guess that's how it goes with the second child, because when Benson was that age I thought he was so big! Funny. Anyway I had this conversation the other day to remind me of Benson's real age and innocence;

(I am standing at the sink washing dishes, Benson is playing with the cabinet doors)

Benson: Damadam (slamming the cabinet door)

Me: Uh Benson, what did you just say?

Benson: (silence)

Me: Benson you need to tell me what you just said.

Benson: um damadam, mommmy?

Me: Where did you learn that? (because I am obviously thinking he is swearing)

Benson: I don't know mommy I think I just thought of it in my head.

Me: Well, okay but you need to be careful of what you say because that kind of sounded like a swear word.

(Long pause)

Benson: Okay but Mommy, is it okay to say
round words?

And then I started laughing. Poor thing. He has no clue.


laura d said...

hhahaha that is totally benson for ya. I still laugh about the cheese ordeal when he tried to cut square cheese by himself because there wasn't enough time for sticks.

Carrie said...

I had forgotten about that one. hahaha It's so sad that he has to deal with this mom who knows nothing.

Stephanie said...

oh what a cute sweet boy. i guess i just sound like a broken record- but i love reading these things because i feel like i am reading into my own future or what i have to look orward to when my boy grows up.

Natalie said...

that is so funny! At least he isn't picking it up from tv (like my kids-just a warning- they may like Shrek- but Shrek says some naughty words) :)

Stephanie said...

That is too funny! Aren't kids cute??

Abby said...

I know what you mean. Audrey has it way easier. We were expecting Hyrum to walk and talk at her age.

Cute Benson.

crazygirl said...

that is hilarious!
loved it.

linney wanted me to pipe in and tell ya..
she'd love to babysit for you still.
but has a birthday party to go to friday night.
so if you need her, she's available saturday!!
lemme know....