Wednesday, November 26, 2008

this morning

I woke to snuggly Benson, who crawled into bed with me, curled into a ball right by my side, and softly stroked my face.

I went to collect a cooing Banks from his crib and found him sitting mermaid-style, with both legs in one pant leg. It was awesome.

The children now sit, gleefully watching their Grammy read books to them on the t.v.

I blog for a moment, and then it's off to the kitchen to make pies and cranberry sauce and pretend my nose is not turning into a faucet. And for those that will eat said pies; Don't worry! I'll be completely sanitary, promise.

And tomorrow is Thanksgiving and today is Steve's birthday. Huzzah to both!


Stephanie said...

what a lovely morning. i never considered the possibility that one day ambrose will peacefully come into my room when he's awake... ive been putting off the big boy bed due to visions of ambrose screaming into my room at 4AM demanding juice.

this is a happier alternative.

good luck with the runny nose and cooking... jam a tissue up your nose. it works with me.

Caity said...

Oh how I love when the kids want to snuggle in bed! Plus, it's nice to have a few more minutes in bed!

melissa said...

did you have dinner with others or just your family?