Thursday, November 20, 2008

kung fu

"Yes, Master Kung Fu Daddy."

"Yes, Master Tigress."

The other day on the phone I talked to my mom about the kids watching Kung Fu panda lately, and her first question was, "Doesn't that make them want to run around and kung fu things?"

Well yes, mom, it does!

Fortunately they have a kung fu daddy who is always willing to run and wrestle and kung fu with them whenever they ask (which is usually as soon as he walks in the door). It's pretty cute to see them all get so excited about kung fu, and for a few days Benson was known only as Tai Lung (I don't know how to spell that) and I was Master Tigress. And every time he would talk to me he would address me as such with the little hand thing and a bow. hahaha He's so funny. And the best part is that Banks started to do it too.


laura d said...

that's pretty awesome! I was wondering if you guys had seen that movie. It's one of our favorites lately. Ben is a good dad. And you are Master Tigress...I think we should all address you as that!

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun!!! Those are the moments Drew and I can't wait for. Especially Drew getting to play with the kids. GOsh your boys are gettins so much bigger already. They sure do make some great kung fu masters!!! Love ya

melissa said...

i really like thinking of you as being called master tigress. benson is a funny bunny.

Stephanie said...

oh a life with boys and boy activities... im sighing wistfully.

maybe my next baby will be a boy and i can be carrie jr.

i like that idea :)

Natalie said...

You are really going to have to help me with all this boyish stuff....I think I've grasped the blue thing but kung fu???
benson is so cute.

Abby said...

We're all about Kung Fu Panda at our house too. Hyrum usually is the "mean tiger." Sometimes I wonder if I should worry about him always relating to the bad guy in movies?? :)

Caity said...

That is so funny! My kids don't ever seem to get into movies that much, but I love it! Those are some impressive moves there!

mandakay said...

How cute is that. Ben is a great dad. And you Master tigress, are a great mom.